Digital Marketing Degrees in Sri Lanka: Why They Aren’t Worth Your Time and Investment

March 17th, 2023
3 mins read

Pro Tip: Choose a Professional Skills Development Course and a Degree in Marketing Management Instead.

As the demand for digital marketing professionals grows, many aspiring marketers in Sri Lanka are considering enrolling in digital marketing degrees. However, better alternatives exist for your career and wallet. This article explains why you should avoid digital marketing degrees in Sri Lanka and opt for a degree or master’s program in Marketing Management instead. Remember, digital marketing is a skill, not a subject.

  1. Fast-Changing Digital Marketing Landscape:

The primary reason to reconsider pursuing a digital marketing degree in Sri Lanka is the rapidly evolving nature of the field. The landscape constantly changes, and when you complete a degree, many concepts taught may already be outdated.

In contrast, a professional skills development course in digital marketing provides up-to-date, practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Such courses adapt to the changing landscape, ensuring you learn the latest techniques and strategies. A formal degree program may not give you the agility you need to succeed in the fast-paced digital marketing industry, while a skills development course equips you with adaptability.

  1. Digital Marketing: Skill, Not Subject:

Digital marketing combines skills you can acquire through experience, self-learning, and professional development courses. A degree in Sri Lanka may not provide the hands-on experience you need to excel in the field. When you focus on a Marketing Management degree, you learn the foundations of marketing, allowing you to apply those principles to digital marketing strategies.

A digital marketing degree may teach you theory but not adequately prepare you for real-world challenges. In contrast, a skills development course enables you to work on actual projects and gain invaluable experience.

  1. Limited Scope of Digital Marketing Degrees:

Focusing solely on a digital marketing degree in Sri Lanka may limit your career options and growth potential. A Marketing Management degree provides a comprehensive understanding of marketing, including traditional marketing strategies and concepts you can adapt to the digital world.

Marketing Management degrees cover various topics, enabling you to understand the bigger picture of marketing and how digital marketing fits in the overall marketing mix. Pursuing a Marketing Management degree offers more flexibility in your career, allowing you to specialize in digital marketing or explore other marketing areas.

  1. Cost and Time Commitment:

Professional skills development courses often cost less and take less time to complete, allowing you to enter the workforce sooner. A Marketing Management degree may offer better value for your investment, providing comprehensive education and diverse career opportunities.

  1. Employers Value Experience Over Degrees:

Employers in the digital marketing industry often value experience and practical skills over formal degrees. Enrolling in a skills development course and gaining real-world experience can make you more attractive to potential employers. Building your skills and experience outside a formal degree program demonstrates your proactivity, dedication, and readiness to make an immediate impact.

  1. Networking Opportunities and Industry Connections:

Skills development courses offer valuable networking opportunities and industry connections. When you participate in these courses, you build relationships with other professionals and expand your network. In contrast, a digital marketing degree in Sri Lanka may not provide the same opportunities, limiting your exposure to potential job opportunities and career growth.

  1. Customizable Learning Path:

Focusing on skills development courses and a Marketing Management degree allows you to create a customized learning path tailored to your interests and career goals. In contrast, a digital marketing degree in Sri Lanka may have a more rigid curriculum.


Although digital marketing degrees in Sri Lanka may seem attractive, remember that digital marketing is a skill, not a subject. A Marketing Management degree, combined with practical experience and professional skills development courses, offers a more comprehensive education and a greater chance of success in the digital marketing industry.

Invest in your future by focusing on marketing management and skills development, enhancing your employability and preparing you to navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Photo by javier trueba on Unsplash

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