Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing – TERMS & CONDITIONS


1.1 Student Registration will either be done via my.apidm.asia or through the Registration Form sent by an APIDM  staff.
1.2 The student should make sure to provide the institution with all the correct information in the Registration form.
1.3 If there are any changes (eg: Student name to appear on the certificate, contact number, postal address, email address, etc) to the student registration form, the student must email the updated information to the Academic Affairs department.


The course fee structure is broken down into three sections:

2.1 Course Tuition Fee (the fee paid for the teaching and training on a course)
2.1.1 Each student will receive their payment breakdown via email.
2.1.2  No refunds will be made in case of any cancellation of the registration.
2.1.3  The student should adhere to the given payment dates.
2.1.4  Failure to make the payment on or before the due date will result in access being blocked to the LMS (Learning Management System) and LIVE lecture sessions.

2.1.5 The payment proof should either have the student registration number, National Identity Card Number (NIC), or Passport Number. If the payment proof does not have the student’s details, APIDM’s finance department will not be able to update the student’s payment record and this will result in access being  blocked to the LMS and Live sessions.
2.1.6  The payment proof should be emailed to [email protected]
2.1.7   Until all outstanding Course Fees are paid, we reserve the right to, at any time during the Academic Year,  suspend or withhold all education-related services and facilities (including assessment entry, Virtual Learning Environment services, and provision of student support).
2.1.8  The course fees can be made via:

  1. Payhere.
  2. Bank transfer.
  3. Cheque payment. [Cheque in favour of Asia Pacific Institue of Digital Marketing (Pvt) Ltd]
  4. Credit/Debit cards can be done directly at the APIDM Institute.


2.2 Examination Fee (the fee for registering and securing admission to an examination)
2.2.1 Any examination will be applicable.
2.2.2 The examination Fee is non-refundable.

2.3 Certification Ceremony fee
2.3.1 There will be a fee applicable to attend the certification ceremony event which will be communicated via email to all qualified students.
2.3.2 The certification Ceremony fee is non-refundable & non-transferable.


3.1 If a third party is paying all or part of the fees on behalf of a student, the student will remain liable for the payment of those fees in all respects, including, without limitation, the consequences of non-payment or failed payment by a third party.
3.2 A student’s employer, or other corporate body or government agency, can elect to act as the student’s Sponsor and pay the student’s Course Fee on his/her behalf.
3.3 If a student registers while in employment at that Company and later resigns from that particular

Company, he/she will have to settle the remaining balance of the course fee.


4.1 Fee increases will not apply in cases where the student has already registered and made at least one installment payment. 


Students are not encouraged to skip batches they registered for. If a student requests to skip a batch and continue with a future batch, the following will be applied:

5.1 A student can request to skip their batch and join their program’s immediate next intake subject to a maximum of two such requests within a calendar year.
5.2 If the student has attended less than 25% of the live classes of the original batch they enrolled in, there will be no additional charges to accommodate the first batch skipping request. However, if they have attended more than 25% of live classes, a batch-skipping fee will be applicable.
5.3 The original course fee (after all discounts) offered to the student will remain valid in the case of the first batch-skipping request.
5.4 If the same student makes a second request to skip the batch and join a subsequent intake, all the discounts offered to the student will be nullified. Furthermore, they must pay the balance between the full course fee for the new intake and the amounts they have already paid for the previous intakes they enrolled in.

6.1 All communications related to academic affairs, payments, and general announcements will be sent via email by APIDM.
6.2 All registered students should use email as the official communication channel to communicate with APIDM.


Students are expected to be at least 10 minutes early for all physical classroom sessions.
7.2 Students are expected to log in at least 5 minutes earlier than scheduled for virtual classes.


8.1 Physical classroom sessions:
8.1.1 Students are not allowed to come in shorts/slippers/skinnies.
8.2 Virtual classroom sessions
8.2.1 All the students should wear an appropriate outfit during the live online classes to face the webcam at any time.


9.1 If a student requires a letter to be submitted to his/her employee or at a university for higher studies,  the student will have to send an email requesting the Academic Affairs Department.
9.2 APIDM will issue two recommendation letters on students’ requests without charging any amount. If students need additional letters verified by APIDM, a fee will be applicable for each letter.
9.3 The letter will be issued within 3-5 working days.
9.4 The letters will be sent directly to the Company’s HR Department and/or the Institute/University’s relevant department.

The email should include the :

9.4.1 Name of the Company |Address | Department | the  addressee|email address
9.4.2 Name of the Institute/University |Address | Department | the addressee|email address.


10.1 All lecture slides and Zoom recordings will be uploaded to the designated APIDM’s Learning Management System (LMS) for the specific batches within the next immediate working day. Only paid and registered students will receive access.
10.2 The Zoom recordings will remain only for six weeks when the course is completed. Thereafter, it will be removed.
10.3 Unauthorized use of lecture materials or recordings will result in the cancellation of student membership with the institute.


All examinations will be held at APIDM or through APIDM’s online examination portal where students can sit for the exam from their homes or workplaces.

11.1 Examinations held at APIDM premises:
11.1.1 Students will need to have access to their own laptops for the examination.
11.1.2 Students are required to be present at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the Examination at APIDM Institute.
11.1.3 Wi-Fi will be provided by APIDM if the exam is conducted at APIDM Institute.
11.1.4 During a physical or online examination, the student is NOT allowed to use the mobile phone or refer to online websites.

11.2 Examinations held online:
11.2.1 For exams conducted through an online examination portal, students are responsible for their internet connectivity.

Examinations Guideline:
11.3.1 Each student will get one free attempt to retake the exam. (They should inform APIDM via email about their unavailability with a valid document proof(s) at least one day before the (exam/assignment). During the given attempt, if the student is not qualified or missed their opportunity to retake the exam or resubmit their assignment, there will be a fee applicable for further additional attempts. (a student will be allowed to retake the exam only once  within a year)
11.3.2 The assignment dates and exam dates shall not be changed upon the student’s request. The sole authority to change the deadlines is decided by the APIDM Administration.
11.3.3 If any ethical misconduct (discussing among other team members while doing their exams, trying to copy the content from other sources, or sharing answers with the other students) is observed and noticed by the APIDM staff during the exam, students may have to retake the assignment or exam. (The ultimate decision regarding this will be taken by the APIDM management).
11.3.4 Students who miss attending exams, group assignments, or individual projects due to medical reasons will be given an alternative date to take it without an additional charge.
11.3.5 All such students must provide a medical certificate from a government-registered doctor or any other acceptable document to prove their absence is due to medical reason(s).
11.3.6 The course fee needs to be settled in full to obtain the certificate, transcript, or a letter of confirmation and to attend the Certificate Ceremony event. Failure to do so will withhold all matters.


12.1 For any reason, APIDM will not share the resource person’s contact information with the students without their consent. Students should always contact the Manager-Academic Affairs and Student Success at APIDM for any subject-related or academic-related queries.
12.2 Only one original certificate and transcript shall be issued to the students upon successfully completing the program. If the students need a second copy of the certificate or transcript (due to the loss or damage), only a verified copy of the original documents shall be issued by APIDM. (A fee will be applicable to get  the additional copy).
12.3 APIDM is not liable for any misbehavior or harassment by other students using any digital platform. (Contact number or details or WhatsApp chats)
12.4 For short courses, APIDM will issue only Credly Digital Badges and upon the student’s request, APIDM will issue a letter of course completion.
 12.5 If the certificate and transcript is to be certified as True Copy, the student needs to send an email to the Academic Affairs department mentioning the reason along with a scanned copy of the original certificate and transcript.
12.6 Plagiarism will not be allowed. Presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment will result in disregarding the assignement). 


13.1 Qualified students (of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Certificate in Digital Marketing Course) are eligible to attend the ceremony organized by APIDM which will be held annually.
13.2 The student can be accompanied to the certification ceremony event by either parents, well-wishers, or colleagues for an additional fee.
13.3 The printed certificate will be given only at the certification ceremony.
13.4 Transcript and a letter of completion (for qualified students of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing) and a letter of completion (for qualified students of the Certificate in Digital Marketing) will be issued within six weeks of releasing the final results.
13.5 If a student requires the Certificate before the certificate ceremony, he/she should send an email to the Academic Affairs Department with a valid reason. After evaluation, the certificate could be collected within six weeks of issuing the final results. Collection of the Certificate will be done by appointment. An early issuing fee will be applicable.



14.1 The information contained herein is true and correct in all respects
14.2 There is no legal obligation on APIDM to accept me as a student, and if APIDM accepts me, I will only be admitted as a student if and when I comply with all the regulations and requirements.
14.3 I accept the terms and conditions of this agreement to be binding on me, and that I have read the agreement and understand the content thereof.


These terms & conditions may be amended from time to time and all current students will be notified about the changes. This document was last updated on [11/11/2022]