Digital Outlook Sri Lanka 2024
The Annual Market Insight Report

The Definitive Analysis of Sri Lanka's Digital Transformation
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Welcome to the 5th edition of Digital Outlook Sri Lanka, the leading annual publication analyzing Sri Lanka's digital landscape. Developed in collaboration between the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing (APIDM) and the University of Kelaniya, Digital Outlook Sri Lanka 2024 goes beyond spotlighting trends. It provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the opportunities and challenges arising from digital disruption. This report offers the latest research-driven insights into the key trends shaping businesses and consumer adoption of digital technologies.

Why Digital Outlook Sri Lanka?

Five Years of Insightful Publications: Celebrating half a decade of chronicling Sri Lanka's digital journey, offering year-on-year analyses.

Comprehensive Sector Analysis: Offering a thorough exploration of digital maturity across diverse sectors, providing a holistic view of the nation's digital landscape.

Rich Consumer Insights: Based on annual surveys of consumers, a ground-level view of digital adoption and attitudes is presented.

Expert Recommendations: Drawing from the wisdom of more than 50 industry experts to furnish actionable recommendations for businesses and policymakers.

In-depth Digital Adoption Analysis: Evaluating key digital metrics to understand adoption trends, pinpointing growth areas, and highlighting opportunities for strategic investments.

Key Highlights

Dive into the most current analysis and projections covering

Enhanced Digital Connectivity and Accessibility: Understand the strides Sri Lanka is making in broadening digital access and connectivity.

Social Commerce Evolution: Explore the surge in social commerce and its implications for businesses and consumers.

Revolution in Digital Payments: Get the lowdown on the evolving digital payments scene and what it means for the future of transactions in Sri Lanka.

Sector-wise Digital Progress Benchmarking: See how various sectors stack up against each other in terms of digital adoption and transformation.

And a host of other pivotal trends that are defining Sri Lanka’s digital ecosystem.

Find out what's trending in the Sri Lankan digital ecosystem

Internet Accessibility
Media Consumption Patterns
Social Media Consumption Patterns
Online Purchase Behaviour
Web & Mobile App Usage Behaviour
Live Streaming Viewer Behaviour