Data Visualization with Looker Studio

Self Paced | Short Course
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Looker Studio, formerly known as Data Studio, is your free gateway to transforming complex data into clear, interactive dashboards and reports. This user-friendly tool from Google empowers you to say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and create compelling data stories with charts, graphs, and maps. Looker Studio connects to various data sources, fosters collaboration, and allows viewers to delve deeper with interactive features.

Learning Outcomes

Visualize Your Data: Craft impactful charts and graphs, turning raw data into clear and insightful stories.

Unify Your Data Landscape: Connect to various sources, centralize your information, and gain a holistic view.

Interactive Exploration: Empower viewers to delve deeper with filters, drills-down, and dynamic controls.

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: Build stunning reports with ease - no coding knowledge needed.

Collaborate & Share: Facilitate teamwork and data-driven decisions through real-time report sharing.

Who is this course for?

Business Professionals: Analysts, marketers, and anyone who needs to transform data into actionable insights for better decision-making.

Data Enthusiasts: Individuals with a basic understanding of data who want to learn how to effectively visualize and communicate it using Looker Studio.

Report Creators: Those who currently generate reports but want to elevate their game by creating clear, interactive dashboards with Looker Studio.

Anyone New to Looker Studio: Beginners with no prior Looker Studio experience will gain a solid foundation in using the tool to its full potential.

Course Outline

Session 01 : Data Studio to Looker Studio

Session 02 : Introduction to Business Intelligence & GDS

Session 03 : GDS Home Page Interface Walkthrough

Session 04 : How to Connect to Data Sources

Session 05 : Data Source Editor Interface Walkthrough

Session 06 : 4 Ways to Create Reports in GDS

Session 07 : Report Editor Interface Walkthrough

Session 08 : Creating Charts: Table, Pivot, Bar, Line, Maps

Session 09 : Adding Controls

Session 10 : Adding & Managing Pages & Navigation Options

Session 11 : Add Text, Shapes, URL, etc.

Session 12 : Groups & Page-Level vs. Report-Level Components

Session 13 : Regular Expressions (REGEX)

Session 14 : Sharing Options

Session 15 : Report Publishing and Versions

Session 16 : How to Get Help

Session 17 : Choosing the Right Chart

Session 18 : Tips to Create Effective GDS Reports

Your Trainer

Prince Patni

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst | RWS - Group

Prince Patni is a meticulous Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Developer with extensive experience in designing and developing dashboards, KPIs, and reports using Spotfire and SAP HANA. Currently a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at RWS Group, he specializes in data visualization and advanced features like Iron Python scripting and R integration. He has held similar roles at Agilent Technologies and GENPACT for GE Aviation, excelling in data visualization, advanced analytics, and transforming manual reports into web analytics. Prince's background also includes stress analysis in aerospace engineering and business development.

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