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Presenting the groundbreaking Diploma in Digital Driven Marketing program, a game-changer in the realm of digital marketing education in Sri Lanka. Become a Full Stack Marketer in just 12 months. Learn from industry experts and gain hands-on experience in all aspects of digital marketing. Apply your skills to real-world projects and make an immediate impact in any organization.
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Learning Outcomes

Progress seamlessly from basic to advanced levels in the realm of digital marketing.

Learn the art of executing digital marketing campaigns with precision.

Take charge of developing and promoting your own website for optimal online presence.

Develop and refine your data analysis skills to make informed decisions.

Stay abreast of the latest industry developments and seamlessly integrate them into your strategies.

Cultivate practical business skills that translate theory into tangible results.

Build essential soft skills to boost your confidence as a marketer.

Who is this program for?

School leavers

Marketing/Management under graduates

Marketing/Management graduates

Credly Badge

Upon successful completion of The Diploma in Digital Driven Marketing Program, you will receive a certificate and an APIDM Certified Digital Badge to easily share your achievement on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Program Outline

Semester 1

Module 01: Business context

Module 02: Introduction to Internet and Websites

Module 03: Principles of Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Module 04: Marketing and Sales Management

Module 05: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Module 06: Emerging Marketing Technologies

Module 07: Business Ethics

Module 08: Soft Skills Development

Module 09: Personal Mastery for Digital Citizens

Module 10: Toastmasters Speech Craft Program

Semester 2

Module 11: Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 12: Digital Marketing Communication & Content Marketing

Module 13: Social Media Marketing

Module 14: Display & Video Advertising

Module 15: Search Engine Marketing

Module 16: Campaign Tracking & Analytics

Module 17: Cyber Security

Module 18: AI and Marketing Automation

Module 19: Digital Marketing Operations

Module 20: Skills Development Project

Module 01

Business context

Business Organizations and Structures

Business Industries and Trends

Principles of Business Management

Challenges for Marketers in the Digital Age

Module 2

Introduction to Internet and Websites

The Internet

How Website Work

Setting Up a Site - Practical

The WordPress Dashboard - Practical

Customizing Your Site - Practical

Module 03

Principles of Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Brand Management

Introduction to Consumer Behavior

Market Research and Consumer Insights

Digital Consumer Behavior

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Buying Behavior Models

Module 04

Marketing and Sales Management

Influencer Marketing

Service Marketing

International Marketing

Channels of Distribution

Sales Strategies and Techniques

Sales Team Management

Module 05

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Marketing in a Digital World

Research Tools for Digital Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Introduction to Display Advertising

Location-Based Marketing Tools

Measurement Tools in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Planning

Keeping Up to Date with Digital Marketing

Other Digital Channels: Introduction

Module 06

Emerging Marketing Technologies

Introduction to Emerging Marketing technologies

The SL digital paradigm

Emerging Technologies and Future Trends

Module 07

Business Ethics

Introduction to Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical Decision Making

Corporate Governance

Stakeholder Management

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Ethical Leadership

Ethical Marketing Practices

Global Ethics and Cultural Diversity

Ethics in the Digital Age

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and Accountability

Module 08

Soft Skills Development


Channels of Communication

Fundamental of Business Writing

Employment Messages

Barriers to Effective Communication

Language Skills

Business Meetings Etiquette

Telephone Etiquette

Business Attire

Module 09

Personal Mastery for Digital Citizens


Growth Mindset

Breaking the Language Barrier

Entrepreneur Mindset

Responsible Use of Social Media and Personal Branding

Boosting Your Productivity

Managing Your Personal Finance

Emotional Intelligence

Critical Thinking

Digital Wellbeing

Module 10

Toastmasters Speech Craft Program

Introduction to Speechcraft and Public Speaking

Meeting roles and Responsibilities

Organize Your Speech

Your Body Speaks

Vocal Variety

Impromptu Speaking

Evaluate to Motivate

Negotiate to win

Working with Words

Engaging in small talk

Introduction to Toastmasters

Speech Contest

Module 11

Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategic Planning

DVEC Planning Model

Performance Marketing Planning

Brand Marketing Planning for Digital Channels

Module 12

Digital Marketing Communication & Content Marketing

Writing for Web

Writing for Social Media

Blog Writing

B2B Vs B2C Writing

Digital Writing Tool

Module 13

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Brand Voice

Social Media Content Planning

Understanding SNS Algorithms

Meta Business Tools

Meta Advertising Platform

LinkedIn Ads

TikTok for Marketing

Module 14

Display & Video Advertising

Introduction to Display & Video Advertising

Google Display Network Advertising

3rd Party Ad Serving

Video Advertising

Module 15

Search Engine Marketing

Introduction to SEM

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Advertising

Google Performance Max

Basic Introduction to SEO

Module 16

Campaign Tracking & Analytics

Introduction to Digital Analytics

Google Analytics

Measurement Planning

Campaign Tagging

Other Analytics Tools

Module 17

Cyber Security

Introduction to Cyber Crimes & Prevention

Cyber Laws: Global vs Local

Introduction to Cyber Security

Data Protection Regulations: Global vs Local

Impact of Data Protection on Campaign Tracking

Social Networks & Data Protection: Consumer vs Advertiser

Module 18

AI and Marketing Automation

Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

Applications of AI in Marketing

Marketing Automation Software and Tools

Customer Segmentation and Targeting with AI

Predictive Analytics and Modeling

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Personalization and Recommendation Engines

A/B Testing and Optimization with AI

Ethics and Challenges of AI in Marketing

Module 19

Digital Marketing Operations

The Agency Framework

Agency-Client Relationships

Digital Expansion, Ecosystem and Partnerships

Agency Career Preparation

Module 20

Skills Development Project

Practical Execution of Digital Marketing Skills in the Business World

Module 21

AI and Marketing Automation

Module 22

Consumer behavior and Sales Management

Introduction to Consumer Behavior

Market Research and Consumer Insights

Digital Consumer Behavior

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Buying Behavior Models

Digital Consumer Behavior

Sales Management Fundamentals

Sales Strategies and Techniques

Sales Team Management

Sales Channels and Distribution

Sales Analytics and Performance Measurement

Module 11

Toastmasters Speech Craft Programme

Introduction to Speechcraft and Public Speaking

Meeting roles and Responsibilities

Organize Your Speech

Your Body Speaks

Vocal Variety

Impromptu Speaking

Evaluate to Motivate

Negotiate to Win

Working with Words

Engaging in Small Talk

Introduction to Toastmasters

Speech Contest

Module 23

Skills Development Project

Practical Execution of Digital Marketing Skills in the Business World

The Diploma in Digital Driven Marketing program incorporates Toastmasters Speechcraft, a condensed module designed to boost communication and leadership skills in just a few weeks. Participants get hands-on practice and personalized feedback from seasoned Toastmasters mentors, covering speech organization, body language, and effective communication techniques. The program's adaptability to diverse settings ensures a customized learning experience, highlighting confidence-building and providing networking opportunities for swift and impactful personal and professional growth.

Toastmasters International® and all other Toastmasters International trademarks and copyrights are the sole property of Toastmasters International. This website is the opinion of the creator and is independent of Toastmasters International. It is not authorized by, endorsed by, sponsored by, affiliated with, or otherwise approved by Toastmasters International.

Credly Bage of Certificate in Digital Marketing Program

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What Our Alumni Say

  • "As someone from a traditional advertising background, my goal was to expand my skills in digital marketing. The instructors were experienced digital marketers, ensuring that I was getting the best value for my investment.”

    Amrik Daryanani

    Marketing Research Analyst

  • "I chose APIDM for my digital marketing needs because they offer the most comprehensive and recognized program. I highly recommend APIDM because of its knowledgeable faculty, practical approach, and ongoing updates to reflect industry changes."

    Charitha Dias

    Product Manager

  • "I wanted to share my experience with APIDM: I took their course to enhance my digital marketing skills. It made a huge difference in the way I engage with my team and approach content creation."

    Anojan Perinparajah

    Category Manager

  • “APIDM has truly been a game-changer for me during the pandemic. It was 100% online, there was a lot of interaction and engagement with the trainers and fellow learners.”

    Prageeth Wimalarathne

    Creative Director

  • "The community of like-minded individuals I found through APIDM has been invaluable, providing support, inspiration, and networking opportunities. It is a transformative experience that will take your marketing skills to the next level."

    Rashain Salgado

    Founder & Creative Director

APIDM Certified professionals work for

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The Industry Accreditation Panel

Streamlined Excellence in Digital Marketing Education: The Diploma in Digital Driven Marketing is renowned for its Industry Accreditation, a mark of excellence endorsed by a panel of industry leaders. This seal of approval guarantees that the program's content meets the highest standards, ensuring students of the program possess the most relevant and in-demand digital marketing skills in the industry.

Vachintha Piyadasa
Manager Digital Communication
Nestlé Lanka
Jaque Perera
Digital Media at Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd
Shehan Selvanayagam
Founder of Loops
Hisham Zulfiqar
Digibrush (Sri Lanka)
Hiperlogy (Singapore)
Kabeer Rafaideen
Director & CEO
Altered Experience (Pvt) Ltd
Sujith Caldera
Co-Founder & CEO
Commqube (PVT) Ltd
7 Needle (PVT) Ltd
Kavindu Welivitavithana
Marketing Manager
Samanthika Wimalasena
Assistant Manager
Digital Marketing at
SLT Digital Services
Prasad Perera
Head of Marketing Communications
LOLC Finance PLC

Panel of Trainers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highlights of this program?

This program offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, blending practical skills with theoretical knowledge. Key features include a hands-on approach to digital marketing essentials, basic WordPress development, and enhanced communication skills developed through Toastmasters Speechcraft. A distinctive aspect of the program is the unique opportunity for each student to work directly with a small business owner. This collaboration is designed to provide invaluable experience, allowing students to apply their learning in a practical context.

Is this program accredited?

This program has been registered by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC). TVEC is the primary body responsible for the accreditation of vocational education and training programs in Sri Lanka. The program has met the quality and standards set by the commission.

Can this qualification be used for migration purposes?

Yes, attestation of this qualification is possible, via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since the program is registered with TVEC.

What is the Skills Development Project?

The Skills Development Project in the Diploma in Digital Driven Marketing by APIDM is a key initiative designed to enhance employability. This project ensures that upon completion, students are equipped with hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, preparing them for immediate professional engagement in this rapidly evolving field.


LKR 345,000
LKR 255,000
(Save LKR 90,000)

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