APIDM  Digital Skills Booster Program

We help organizations connect with digital enthusiasts who come from a marketing background and have the burning desire to upskill themselves in digital.

Here's the thing: you don't need to find someone with years of digital experience. What you need is someone with the right attitude who's eager to learn and grow their skills. You can hire someone with the right attitude but no experience and send them to our six-month skills booster program. We'll skill them up to match someone with two years of experience in digital marketing.

The new generation loves opportunities to learn and grow their skills, so it's a win-win situation. APIDM is not just in this for business; we consider it our duty to the industry.

Program Benefits

Bridges the digital talent gap by upskilling freshers to match someone with 2 years of experience in digital in just six months.

Provides access to a comprehensive and most up-to-date curriculum covering all aspects of digital marketing.

Offers hands-on training with real-world scenarios, giving practical exposure to campaign management.

Learn from the best in the industry who share expertise and insights on the best practices in digital marketing.

Helps organizations attract and retain the best digital talent by providing opportunities for employees to upskill.

Provides a cost-effective and faster solution for training employees in digital marketing.

Free consultation on incorporating the APIDM Digital Skills Booster Program into your talent recruitment and retention policies.

Special discounted rates and payment plans exclusively for corporates.

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