Up Your Marketing Game: Get Insights, Simplify Processes with Ads Data Hub’s Fresh Features

December 27th, 2022
1 mins read

Google introduces new options within the ‘Ads Data Hub’ 

Two New Solutions Introduced – Smoother Access & Greater Customized Experience

The new options from ‘Ads Data Hub’ target both marketers and partners.

For Marketers – Ads Data Hub presents marketers with a revamped method of data analysis, with better know-how about the way media is purchased. Marketers were empowered with better information as to how media purchasing could be done, through a simplified process that activates first-party data and running queries. 

For Partners – Access was enhanced for partners to present YouTube services for publishers, agencies, and marketers, in general, offering real-time insights for greater accuracy in measurement. The feature widened the scope of working also with third-party partners, to calculate ad performances across varying metrics, formats and devices.

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