How To Reduce The Digital Marketing Spend and Maximize Results?

November 8th, 2022
3 mins read

Many companies have already or are in the process of aligning their marketing strategies to be more digital. From creating social profiles to content on social media and advertising online, it can get overwhelming at first. With careful planning this can work out to be a seamless process, however, if not carefully mapped out, this means costs will be high at first with reduced return on interest and thereby even jeopardising all efforts in the first place. 

So what can be done? We firmly believe that with careful planning and a strategy in place, the spend on digital marketing can be reduced and results maximised. Here are a few tips to help you get started. 

Spend time understanding social media analytics 

Most social media have inbuilt analytics and review tools in place that provide a sound understanding of your content’s performance on social media. Spend some time, preferably daily, making sense of the metrics and how they fluctuate and perform against different types of content produced. This will also support you to make more informed decisions before investing in ads. 

Ensure your content reaches the right audience 

This might sound like a futile suggestion, however, spend some time understanding if the audience your socials have as following is in line with the target audience your brand hopes to reach out to. If it is, then it means that the content you are working on is aligned and the strategy you have in place is working. If it isn’t it would be an indication of having to relook at the strategy you have and understand what tweaks and adjustments need to be done. 

Have your ads reach existing customers 

While new business is always more enticing, continue to find ways to retain your existing customers, especially repeat customers who keep purchasing your product or service depending on the nature of your business. Long-term customers equal loyalty, brand affinity and support in the extending of word-of-mouth promotions through their testimonials. 

Maximise user-generated content 

User-generated content refers to any form of content be it photographs, blog posts, videos, audio etc that is created by users of your product or service. Often, such content would appear in your tagged pages or similar and become essentially free content that is available for your use. To start with using this content, directly message the user to whom the content belongs and ask if they would consent to the content being shared on your social channels and/or even a social media ad. More often than not, users will be happy to consent and this might in turn encourage others to also do the same. However, if you find yourself struggling to find user-generated content, try innovative ways such as running a competition for such content and asking your audience to tag you in the posts. 

While this wouldn’t qualify as influencer marketing, it is a tried, tested and proven method to support solidifying the relationships you have with customers and increasing loyalty.


If it’s social media, think of including products or services of another brand in your content or elsewhere on the internet, think of guest blog posts or guest appearances in podcasts that provide you with the opportunity to speak of your brand. These are often not frowned upon as much as advertising on social media given its less sales-like nature of things and more authentic form. However, be sure to bear in mind to not focus solely on only promoting the brand directly but also speaking on its benefits and maybe other complementing factors. Make a note to never critique competitor brands on such platforms (or your own) as well. 

Interact and be consistent and authentic 

When brands continue to increase their presence on social media, it is natural for them to spend less time interacting with direct messages, comments and other social engagement. If this is a trend you are noticing, it would be a good idea to invest in a community manager for your social media, even part-time. What’s more, ensure that those responding to these comments or messages continue to take forward the brand’s messaging and tone of voice. Outside of engagement, despite the increase in numbers ensure that you don’t lose sight of being consistent on your social channels. 

For most businesses, marketing budgets are often compromised or reworked. Oftentimes, this is more so the case for digital media as well. However, with a clear and concise strategy in place, this doesn’t have to be so. Ensure to keep up with trends and what’s current and to continue to relook at the strategy you have in place as regularly as possible. Good luck!

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