APIDM’s Journey from Professional to Mastery

April 5th, 2023
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Renaming the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing after eight years

After eight years and 23 batches of running in Sri Lanka, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by APIDM will be renamed as Digital Marketing Mastery Program.

Over the last eight years, more than 1,500 marketing professionals enrolled in this program. As a result, we have over 707 qualified professionals working worldwide, holding the most recognized Digital Marketing qualification you can obtain in this region.

Our flagship program has undergone four significant upgrades during the last eight years. In April 2023, we are unveiling the fifth version of our training program with a new name; Digital Marketing Mastery Program.

Let me answer some of the most probable questions you may have right now.

Is this a new program?

No. Technically, this is the same program as what we used to call as the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. This is the fifth version of the same program. However, this program is no longer considered a ‘diploma’ program, hence the name change. (For the program to receive the official recognition as a diploma from TVEC Sri Lanka, the program must contain a minimum of 1,200 notional hours. Since the requirement we are addressing is “professional upskilling”, not “providing academic qualifications”, we decided to keep the program a six month 100+ hours upskilling program and make adjustments to our name).

Our fifth update brings a new name and a significant enhancement in the course content, aligning with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape for 2024 and beyond. In addition, the new module structure deviates slightly from earlier iterations, incorporating a flipped classroom approach. This method encourages students to review theoretical materials before attending live classes, allowing for a greater focus on practical activities and engaging Q&A sessions with our expert instructors.

Another exciting addition to this update is introducing the “Program Convenor” role. Each batch will now have a dedicated resource person who will accompany students on their learning journey, ensuring a seamless transition between modules and maintaining continuity throughout the program. In addition, the Program Convenor will actively monitor each student’s learning experience, offering assistance and guidance in overcoming any challenges they may encounter.

Why did you change the name if this program is the same as the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing?

Since the launch of the PDIDM program, APIDM has been committed to providing an industry-focused, hands-on training experience designed to upskill marketing professionals for the digital era. Our goal is to attract passionate marketers eager to expand their knowledge in the ever-evolving world of digitally-driven marketing.

We believe in fostering genuine skill development rather than merely offering paper qualifications. To emphasize this commitment and accurately reflect the essence of our program, we have rebranded it as the “Digital Marketing Mastery Program.” This name captures our dedication to helping you become a master of the digital marketing game, equipping you with the practical skills necessary for continued success in the field.

How recognized is this program?

The answer to this question largely depends on your definition of what “recognition” of a training program is. 

Suppose you are seeking industry recognition for qualified individuals at job interviews. In that case, we can guarantee this will be one of the most recognized digital marketing qualifications in Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

APIDM has established itself as the premier destination for digital marketing training in Sri Lanka, earning the trust and recognition of the entire marketing community. Our Digital Marketing certifications are highly regarded within the industry, reflecting the exceptional level of skill and knowledge imparted to our students. We encourage you to visit our LinkedIn page to see the impressive positions held by our alumni, showcasing the widespread recognition of our programs.

In addition to local industry accolades, the Digital Marketing Mastery Program has also received international endorsement from ATHE UK. This prestigious organization has acknowledged the world-class quality standards of our course content and the exceptional learning experience we provide, further emphasizing the value of our program in today’s competitive digital marketing landscape.


Will this affect those already holding a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing certification from APIDM?

Not at all. Your certificate and the digital credential batch will remain valid and be recognized as APIDM-authorized certification. In addition, you are receiving all the future privileges offered to the qualified professionals of the new program, including the same level of access to APIDM’s Continous Professional Development (CPD) platform.

Who should follow this program?

This program is designed to keep practising marketing professionals and entrepreneurs in mind.

The Digital Marketing Mastery Program is the perfect choice for marketing professionals with over three years of industry experience eager to accelerate their transition into digital marketing. Our comprehensive program will guide you through a six-month learning journey, taking you from a beginner to a highly skilled digital marketing professional.

Attempting to acquire these skills through free online courses can be time-consuming, often requiring at least a year to grasp the fundamentals of digital marketing and an additional year to understand the scope and depth of the profession truly. By choosing our program, you’ll benefit from a streamlined, expert-led learning experience designed to propel your digital marketing career forward in a fraction of the time.

To learn more about the program and inquire about enrolling in our next intake, visit the program details page on our website and download the course brochure. 


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