Digital Outlook 2023

The Annual Market Insight Report – Digital Outlook Sri Lanka 2023 is a collaborative publication between the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing and the Department of Marketing Management, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
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The Sri Lankan Digital Ecosystem is constantly evolving, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this growth. Despite the disruptions, businesses have adapted by investing more in digital technologies to meet the changing needs of consumers.

To help keep professionals informed and ahead of the curve, the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing, in partnership with the Department of Marketing Management at the University of Kelaniya, is excited to release the 4th edition of Digital Outlook Sri Lanka 2023. This report provides valuable research and insights on the latest trends and patterns in the Sri Lankan digital ecosystem, helping professionals make informed decisions and adapt to the modern consumer landscape. We encourage you to take a look and see how this information can benefit your business.

Find out what's trending in the Sri Lankan digital ecosystem

Internet Accessibility
Media Consumption Patterns
Social Media Consumption Patterns
Online Purchase Behaviour
Web & Mobile App Usage Behaviour
Live Streaming Viewer Behaviour

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