Want to Sucessd in Digital Marketing? Be a T-Shaped Marketer

Digital Marketing budget are overtaking that of traditional marketing in all major industries both developed and developing countries. That essentially means that the line between traditional marketing and digital marketing is blurring and having digital marketing experience is a key requirement to become a successful marketer. While your knowledge and experience in traditional marketing , mainly in the areas of strategic planning , branding ,consumer behavior , marketing communication planning etc. are still huge values additional to your marketing is going to be the key success factor. But the real challenge in here is deciding on the right mix and the extent of the bread and the depth of different digital marketing channels and disciplines you have to master. SEO, SEM ,Social Media, Content marketing, Analytics, Display, Video, Mobile, UX, Email-all these channels are important , do work well to-gather and if implemented correctly can have a huge impact on your marketing success. But obviously , no one can expected to new realties lead to a very different type of marketing team and marketing team member.

T-Shaped basically refers to having a light level of knowledge in a board array of skills ,and deep knowledge / ability in a single one (or a few). This model may not seems particularly remarkable or unique, but in a n eco-system where the rate of innovations and the place of changes in technology, customer behavior , coopetition etc. are so high, it is not practical for one individual to acquire and master all the skills which come under the umbrella of digital marketing. However , by understanding who your audience is where they interact with your product or services dos provide you with a grounding on what areas of digital tactics you could look to develop your skills. Being a T-shaped marketer this way allows the team member to complete the tasks comprehensively and competently in his/her area of specialty while contributing with the wide group effectively with the knowledge and understanding of other channels involved.

Amitha AmarasingheWant to Sucessd in Digital Marketing? Be a T-Shaped Marketer