Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a program introduced by APIDM for the practicing digital marketing professionals in Sri Lanka to enhance their knowledge and skills in digital marketing. This course is expected to fulfill a longstanding need in this sector where experienced emarketing practitioners who want to validate their knowledge can do so with the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) status offered by APIDM, while potential employers can rely on it as a standard in their recruitment process. This diploma course and certification program also aim to provide a theoretical as well as practical knowledge to those who just started or plan to start their career in the fields of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and eBusiness Management.

Who should consider Following the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course?

This course is encouraged for practicing digital marketing professionals with a minimum one year experience in eMarketing, eCommerce, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing or any other Digital Marketing related field.

The course is also suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to set up their online marketing activities in-house.

Module Allocated Hours
Module 1: Introduction to Marketing and Digital Marketing 12
Module 2. Search Engine Marketing 16
Module 3. Display Advertising 8
Module 4: Social Media Marketing 16
Module 5: Inbound Marketing 8
Module 6: Mobile Marketing 4
Module 7: Analytics & Measuring Digital Media Success 8
Module 8: Website design & Management for Digital Marketing 4
Module 9: Integrating Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing 8
Module 10: Practical Assignment

Amithe Gamage Marketing Consultant

Chamara Peiris Digital Transformation Strategist

Upeksha Premathilake Digital Marketing Consultant

Manupriya Jayathilake Chief Executive Officer - Electronic Ventures (Eventures)

Gayathri Seneviratne Strategic Account Manager - Indian Subcontinent - Amadeus Hospitality

Suranga Priyashantha Director of Digital Marketing and Growth - Afterpay Australia

Milinda Tillekeratne Online Marketing & Esales - Dialog Axiata Plc

Amitha Amarasinghe Co-Founder / CEO - APIDM

Gamika De Silva AGM Marketing - Seylan Bank PLC

This course will be conducted as class room sessions with practical assignments. Participants are expected to physically attend the class room sessions. Some of the lessons may be offered in the form of live webinars or recorded video lessons. This diploma course has up to 84 hours of lessons. An online forum will be created for students to discuss knowledge and interact with the resource persons after the class room sessions.

At the end of the course students will be evaluated with an examination administered by APIDM with a total weight of 70% marks and a practical assignment with a total weight of 30%.

Students who successfully complete the course with a pass mark of 70% or above will be awarded with the P.Dip (Digital Marketing) by the APIDM and the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) status offered by the APIDM.

Students those who fail to achieve the minimum pass mark of 70% may sit for the exam again for any number of times with a new intake to the course (Exam fee apply. Please contact the APIDM administration for further details).

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a program designed by the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing with contributions from Digital Marketing professionals with years of hands-on experience. Our program is designed to produce capable professionals to practically run digital marketing campaigns for any organization they are employed at.

This program is aimed at upskilling the practicing marketing professionals for the digital marketing skills they need to survive in the modern day business environment.

We recommend this course as a professional development program for those who are looking for learning the required skills for performing digital marketing roles they are expected to play at their workplace. We further recommend this course to entrepreneurs who are looking to learn the digital marketing skills to harness the advantage of the level playing fields on the internet. We recommend this course to anyone who is looking to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing.

The certificate for this course is offered by the same institute which delivers the professional training sessions for the course, and we do not recommend this course for those who are solely seeking an additional academic or professional qualification in their CV.

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