Want to Sucessd in Digital Marketing? Be a T-Shaped Marketer

Digital Marketing budget are overtaking that of traditional marketing in all major industries both developed and developing countries. That essentially means that the line between traditional marketing and digital marketing is blurring and having digital marketing experience is a key requirement to become a successful marketer. While your knowledge and experience in traditional marketing ,

Digital Enterpreneurship

Every entrepreneur is a digital entrepreneur. This was mentioned in an article publishes by Accenture in 2014. It went on to say, that they(Entrepreneur) , focus on business models that rely heavily on using digital platforms that enable consumers and business to actively share and exchange assets, products and services for mutual benefit. In a

Have You Found Your Digital Nirvana?

When prince siddhartha walked out of that royal mansion in Kapilavasthu , in search of inner peace and a path to Nirvana, there were many teachers and schools of thoughts in ancient India about finding the noble path to Nirvana. Each teacher had their own way of defining rituals as methods of getting there. Siddhartha