Certificate in Digital Marketing

Certificate in Digital Marketing

This is the most preliminary level certification offered by APIDM.

As a foundation course, this Certificate in Digital Marketing course has been carefully designed to meet the expectations of Marketing, IT and other business professionals as well as students and school leavers who plan to develop their career in Internet Marketing. This 28 hours course effectively cover all key aspects of modern digital marketing which help to form a strong foundation for the advanced digital marketing concepts such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics etc. This course consists of a right balance of strategic and tactical eMarketing topics with the right depth and breadth one can expect from a certificate level course..

Who should consider Following the Certificate in Digital Marketing course?

This course is encouraged for beginners in eMarketing who has no previous experience in working in the eMarketing, Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing fields. Ideal for school leavers who are planning to start a career in marketing, and want to gear themselves up with the latest trends on online marketing.

The course is also suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to set up their online marketing activities in-house.

Module 1: Marketing in a Digital World

Module 2: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

Module 4: Facebook Advertising

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing

Module 6: Content Marketing

Module 7: Email Marketing

Module 8: Marketing Considerations in Creating a Successful Website

Module 9: Measuring Digital Marketing Success

Module 10: Integrating Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing

Exam : Online exam

Amithe Gamage Marketing Consultant

Umair Wolid Senior Marketing Manager - Content & Digital Media, Wijeya Newspaper Ltd

Chamara Peiris Digital Transformation Strategist

Gayathri Seneviratne Strategic Account Manager - Indian Subcontinent - Amadeus Hospitality

Amitha Amarasinghe Co-Founder / CEO - APIDM

Class room sessions of 3 hours for 11 consecutive weeks on Thursdays and Fridays 5.30pm – 8.30pm. Total course is 14 weeks, including the online exam.

At the end of the course, an online examination will be held and this exam will consist of up to 75 multiple choice questions and 3 open ended questions. Those who successfully complete this exam with required pass mark of (70%) will be awarded with the accreditation: “Certificate in Digital Marketing”.

ApidmCertificate in Digital Marketing