Digital Marketing Workshops in Cambodia

What is a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Digital Marketing Workshop is an intensive training program concentrated on a specific digital marketing topic. Our Workshops typically run for 6 to 8 hours. Priority is given to deliver hands-on training, rather than discussing conceptual or theoretical ideas


In the current era the organizations are trying to maintain their online presence in the form of customer engagement and commercial operations.

However the organizations are also lacking of employees who have adequate digital marketing capabilities. The workshop is an initiative to bridge this skills gap.

Topics covered in Phnom Penh Digital Marketing Masterclass Workshop

  • How to Run Paid Search Engine Ads on Google?
  • Targeting the Right Consumers on Facebook
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking
  • Facebook Performance Oriented Ads

Topics covered in Siem Reap Digital Marketing Essentials Workshop

  • Marketing in a digital world
  • Digital landscape in Cambodia
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing – Organic
  • Facebook Marketing – Advertising
  • Google Ads – Introduction

Resource Persons

Amitha Amarasinghe Co-Founder / CEO - APIDM

Amitha is a Digital Marketing professional based in Colombo, Sri Lanka having more than 12 years’ experience in eMarketing, eCommerce, Social Media marketing and performance marketing. He is currently the head of a leading Digital Media agency in Sri Lanka, and a visiting lecturer for the subject of Digital Marketing at the University of Sri Jayawardenapura. Amitha obtained his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura and obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from the Postgraduate Institute of Management of the same university.

Recommended Audience

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Students, anyone who will execute digital marketing activities for a brand or a company or Agencies.

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Digital marketing is like one of the essential tools for everyone, where it can be for businesses in private or government sector as well and NGO. It is playing an important role in public and to any citizen at every corner of the world.

So today we have met our trainer, he is from Sri Lanka and what I like about the workshop itself is that not just how he details everything from A-Z to all the participants but he also engages and inspires everyone.

Further, I learnt how to differentiate between boosting and creating campaigns and especially during the afternoon session he explained one by one by how to do it step by step. So that was how everyone could absorb all the information and then could put it into our practice.And the best thing that I like about this trainer is that even if you are from any sector he could clarify your question and answer to all the solutions .He could give you like the practical advice, where if you ask him about this one campaign he would give you a really clear direction.

If you are interested in digital marketing don’t forget to contact APIDM for details.

Heang Kanhary ,Senior Analyst, National Social Protection Council of Ministry of Economic and Finance of Cambodia.